Our Origin Story...
My same is Daniel Ettinger I am the owner and operator of Green Life Farm.

I wasn’t always a farmer. I want rewind a bit and tell you guys a story, one that probably not a lot of people have heard before. When I was in my mid 20’s my second daughter was born. It was great at first. But only a couple weeks in and we ran into some roadblocks. She cried day and night, and she was always breaking out in hives and sores. Which is probably also why she was so cranky. We had taken her to her family doctor and after a lot of test realized she was allergic to dairy, meat, and eggs. At the same time I also had a check up since it had been over 10 years since I had seen my own family doctor. I had blood work done and realized that my cholesterol was on the higher side for someone in their 20’s. At this point I realized that microwavable meals were probably not the healthiest and I needed to change.

So my wife and I completely changed out diets, we changed to a mainly vegetable diet. Now, the second issue that came up, was my daughter was still breaking out. But this time it was different, we realized that she wouldn’t break out when we ate organic vegetables and fruit. This is when I did a deeper dive of what is put into and onto our food. This changed my whole outlook on produce and that same year I grew my first garden.
"Join the Underground Movement..."
Chapter 1: The Creation
Green Life Farm became a market farm in 2016. Since then we have been growing yearly. We very much enjoy farming and we know if you give us the chance you will enjoy our tasty veggies! Click our Facebook links to follow our day to day activities. 

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Chapter 2: Farming and Teaching
Green Life Farm now has a new branch, training and teaching. The Farm Warrior Online Course gives you everything you need to start or grow a successful market farm.

We are dedicated to passing on our knowledge that we have learned and used to build our profitable market farm. If you want to learn more click the link below and sign up for our FREE webinar.
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